The symposium Reality Engineering and the Computer provides a glimpse into the past and the future of the computer-assisted construction of reality. * It will consider different aspects of the provocative and lively exchange between fantasy and reality, concentrating particularly on the role of computers and computer networks.

One could, for instance, see computers as waystations on a track running from idea, to design, to experience (from the imagination of things to their representation) and back again. The symposium covers three days, each of which will concentrate on a separate theme: Net , Trip and Sound.

The third day is given over to Sound. Under the direction of Paul Groot and Roland Spekle, science fiction, music and the plastic arts will be reviewed as products of the computer. Guest of honour are Miltos Manetas, the Los Angeles-based artist whose site embodies his own, particularly personal, reality and Kim Cascone. Cascone has a long history involving electronic music and released more than 15 albums. Other artists, composers and musicians for whom electronic fields are means to artistic ends will also be presenting their work.