BAR 010 CD

Dutch vocal artist Cas de Marez explores all the sounds her voice is capable of producing; from pure singing to groaning and whispering, and blends them together to form one language of sound. Proceeding from the voice as abstract instrument and at the same time the most direct interpreter of emotions, she is primarily interested in utilising all the possibilities of sound and timbre. Besides using pure vocal sounds the relationship between sound and space plays an important role in the piece ‘Cathédrale de Chant’, which Cas de Marez performed in 1990. This was a 15 hour performance, for one voice and a multitrack taperecorder. This culminated in a choir of 15 chromatic voices, revealing the complete architecture of this cathedrale of chants.

‘Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus.’ is the third CD-release on the Barooni label from the German sound pioneer Asmus Tietchens. The first two releases are ‘Sinkende Schwimmer’ (BAR 004) and ‘Notturno‘ (BAR 007). To date, Tietchens has about 20 releases to his name.

Between his 15th and his 25th year Asmus Tietchens recorded his daily impressions on tape like a diary. ‘Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus.’ is a unique and very personal collage with electronically treated ghosts of the past: old friends speaking at parties, the neighbour singing songs at new year‘s eve and sounds recreating the atmosphere which surrounded the young Tietchens.

‘Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus.’ is not a product of sentimental retrospection. 30 years ago it was already good to be distanced as far as possible from the future.

Here follows a description of the atmospheric content of the 4 sections of ‘Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus.’

1) Departure.

The afterpains of puberty demand a tribute. The fifteen year old boys and girls murmur confused things at parties. ‘let me go’ is so sentimental. But what does it really mean?

2) First encounter with adults.

The initiation in the world of the adults is abrupt and brutal. On new year’s eve the neighbour roars ‘es gibt kein Bier auf Hawai’ (‘there is no beer on hawai’, popular song of the time) and the managing clerk of a training firm sings ‘man müßte Klavier spielen können’ (popular song of the time). Alcohol and banal violence. Some are already returning from india.

3) Separate ways.

All are going their seperate ways. “Brecht dem Schütz die Gräten, alle macht den Räten” (“kill Schütz, all power to the soviets”, Schütz was the mayor of West Berlin in 1968). Was heard at demonstrations. “Rauschmittel ist Affenzeug” (“drugs are bullshit”), but ‘interstellar overdrive’ plays on. Then it quietens down.

4) And so on. The young turn into adults, their laughter becomes degenerate chuckling. That is the ultimate pleasure. Then there’s one more party. Dirty jokes are being told incessingly. No more music is being played. Someone says: “ich soll pornografische Films zeigen” (“I should show pornographic films”). And then the party is over. Finished.

‘The party is over. Finished.’ comes packed in a solid black jewel box complete with a booklet of authentic photographs.