BAR 008 CD

Four-men fairy tale Hore centres around Rob Frey, frontman of the legeneday Dutch rock band Gore. ‘Truth & trust’, music for a dance performance, is an amalgamation of styles. There are wild, unpolished sound collages, whistled intermezzos, piecces for string quartet and even an eleborated study for rhythm box and cowbell.

Rob Frey is known for his work with dutch rock band Gore. They have launched five albums, of which their most recent product, ‘Lifelong Deadline’, has been produced and released in collaboration with Barooni. For special projects Frey uses his four men fairytale Hore. Following their previous collaboration of ‘Stereo’, this is Frey’s second collaboration with dutch choreographer Xander Vervoort.

‘Truth & Trust’ is the music for the choreography of Xander Vervoort’s ‘Of Inestimable Value’.

Following their previous collaboration of the dance performance ‘Stereo’ (‘91), Rob Frey decided to revitalize the four men fairytale, Hore for Xander Vervoort’s dance/music performance: ‘Of Inestimable Value’.

Frey has built up an international reputation in the alternative, innovating rock music with his band Gore. The compositional style is characterized by hard, short musical structures, that seem to juxtapose as well as compliment each other. Within the music there’s a constant stream of abrupt changes and shifts in musical structures, dynamics and rhythms. The distinguishing marks in all five GORE releases is the characteristic, well thought out and developed approach of Frey.

‘Truth & Trust’, produced by Frey‘s side project, Hore, shows a very strong conceptual approach as well. An infusion of styles is present, with which Hore distincts itself from the monomaniacal metal mothership of Gore. There are wild, unpolished sound collages (‘Truth’, ‘Goodbody’, ‘into the wall’ ), which are preceded or followed up by a carefree whistled intermezzo (‘& Trust’). The CD contains two pieces for string quartet (‘Struthead’, ‘Pop Gun’), which contrast heavily with a deliriously, deranged number for brass section (‘Foot Up Ass’). ‘Truth & Trust’ also contains an elaborate study for rhythm-box and cowbell (‘Road Test’).

The sounds on ‘Truth & Trust’ are intertwined with the movements of Vervoort’s choreography ‘Of Inestimable Value’. Not only the music but the dance itself are very physical experiences. All tracks, however diverse in design and style, form unity and create a place in the whole. Both Vervoort and Frey are working with hard, measured structures and sudden changes in dynamics.

‘Truth & Trust’ is a CD with a duration of 50 minutes containing eleven hard, short pieces for, with, from and by voice, piano, metal, trumpet, drums, guitar, violin, bass, conga’s, computer, keyboards and samples.