Sternenrest of composer Willem Boogman will be presented on Monday 26 September in the Festival of Flanders in the Boekeltoren in Ghent. It came as a great suprise to hear that stars produce ‘music’ – at any rate this is how the asteroseismologist Conny Aerts described the existence of acoustic vibrations in stars.

In Sternenrest an attempt has been made to integrate a number of scientific results from asteroseismology, cosmology and sonology into music. The varying scales of the structures here concerned are rendered audible and recognizable by combining instrumental music with electronic music.

Sternenrest is performed by the Spectra Ensemble under the direction of Filip Rathé. The solists are Arnold Marinissen (percussion) and Olaf Tarenskeen (electric guitar) op.

The electronic music is created for the Wave Field Synthesis system, in which the sound is projected by 192 loudspeakers sounding like the universe.