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Barooni label
Thomas Köner - Nunatak Gongamur

Thomas Köner – Nunatak Gongamur

BAR 002 CD

Highly evocative soundscapes created by oputting contact microphones on gongs and treating the sounds electronically. Atmospher… meer

A Bead to a Small Mouth

A Bead to a Small Mouth

Compilation BAR 001 LP/CD

With Nurse With Wound, Greame Revell & Anthony Mannix, Mother Tongue (Andrew McKenzie, Z’ev and Doro Fra… meer

Gore - Lifelong deadline

Gore – Lifelong deadline




 … meer

Gore - Mean Man’s Dream

Gore – Mean Man’s Dream

MM3… meer
A Modest proposal - Contrast

A Modest proposal – Contrast

ANWO/BAR 999 CD… meer
Gore - Hart Gore

Gore – Hart Gore


 … meer

Paul Sharits - Mandala Films

Paul Sharits – Mandala Films


In the mid 1960s, Paul Sharits developed an abstract cinema in radical opposition to the pictorial tradition. His works taken meer

Jürgen Reble - Passion

Jürgen Reble – Passion

BAR 001 V

German filmmaker Jürgen Reble focuses on exploring the film material through bacterial processes, weathering and chemical treatmmeer